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Our values

We can all learn from history. My early years provide a key to the values that I hold dear both professionally and personally and are a strong influence in how my real estate team serves you.

When I was a little girl, I spent an afternoon baking cupcakes for a slumber party that I wasn’t invited to. My family thought that was a bit weird. Yet for me, the concept of contribution seemed natural and came from my heart. Even today I volunteer with Team in Training, provide support to my senior parents; and my real estate team volunteers time with various organizations and we serve as mentors to friends and business associates.

In those youthful days, my mom would say that I asked far too many questions. It seemed to her that my overly inquisitive nature was indicative of a 30 year old mind trapped in the body of a child. Today our team serves you better by asking insightful questions that impact not only the sale or purchase itself, but you and your life.

How we're different.

Have you ever been to a company picnic? Parents socialize, kids play games, and everyone eats a few hotdogs. At my Dad’s company picnics, you’d find me wandering off on my own hiking the beautiful trails in the park. And at Dads corporate open house, you’d find me flying (and crashing) aerospace simulators. The point is that while I joined the group like everyone else, I tended to try things other folks weren’t doing and had a richer experience as a result.

Our goal is to provide you with the quality information you want. We will addresses not just buying or selling a home , but we’ll make you aware of key issues you may not know you need to know.  We understand that if you have all the right information, you'll make good decisions for yourself.  We're here to advise you, not to "sell you".  That might be a bit different than what your used to, and we're proud of that!

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